This week on the Justin Brady Show, Laura Vanderkam joins me to discuss how working parents can still manage your kid’s virtual schooling, get stuff done, and co-exist in the same house! Vanderkam is a time management superstar, author of The New Corner Office, Off The Clock and hosts The New Corner Office, Best of Both Worlds, and the Before Breakfast podcasts!

Also in this show, I discuss fake digital engagement and interviews a person from Bangladesh who claims he can manipulate Apple Podcast ratings. He has proof. Also, I explain how top CEOs are responding to the new work-from-home era, and I write Elon Musk a letter, re-starting my infamous #LettersToElon experiment.


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Is Patagonia’s new “Vote The A**holes out” tag a wise move?

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  • Yep. The tag is the real deal. GQ explains.
  • I’m awaiting a reply from Corey Simpson at Patagonia regarding an interview.


Laura Vanderkam’s tactics for parents and kids working from home.

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the new corner office by laura vanderkam
Buy The New Corner Office by Laura Vanderkam



Letters To Elon!

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I speak to someone who can FAKE podcast numbers!

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  • This week, I’ve been digging into the world of fake digital engagement. Here’s what I’ve found so far:
    • I spoke with a LinkedIn influencer that uses an engagement group to trick LinkedIn’s algorithm and artificially increase engagement. It totally works.
    • I spoke with a “podcast promoter” from Bangladesh that claims he can manipulate Apple Podcast ratings. He had screenshots of podcasters he’s helped. These podcasts currently appear in the top 50 lists. He can give me 20,000 extra listens and 100 five star reviews for only $300.
    • I’ve tested my own API that verifies I can artificially add any amount of listens I want, throwing into question how many subscribers a podcast has. I learned this lesson on accident!
    • You can easily buy thousands of Twitter or LinkedIn followers making your page appear more influential.
    • Overseas developers are “bouncing” traffic off websites, to hit client’s websites, therefore artificially increasing hits that appear to be coming from random websites.

Is this behavior ethical? Because platforms use algorithms to promote certain shows, is it ok to fight back? Why or why not?

Here’s the full unedited clip. I have edited out Mr. Podcast Promoter’s name.



What do CEOs think about the future of remote work?

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  • Check out all the CEO quotes in this WSJ piece.




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