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Rob Angel, the creator of Pictionary, explains how he sold his creation door to door and how he walked away from a major deal with one of the biggest game manufacturers in the country. What does this guy, who built his business around in-person collaboration think about remote work’s sustainability?

I also examine why Roku is winning the streaming game, why banks are ridiculous, and the shocking amount of Americans that don’t trust the media.



Is customer service bad right now for everyone or just me? ▶️

The last two weeks have been crazy and numerous companies I’ve done business with have been downright awful to work with. What is going on?


Game Changer by Rob Angel
Buy Game Changer by Rob Angel

Rob Angel, Creator of Pictionary ▶️


WHY are banks so stupid? ▶️

Seriously, banks are completely idiotic. How can an entity obsessed with security still rely on pieces of paper floating around that have your bank account info?


Americans REALLY don’t trust the news. Yikes ▶️

  • Check out PEW Research on American’s lack of trust in the media.


Roku is winning the streaming war? How ▶️

  • Roku is winning the streaming war according to The Hustle for cool stories like this one.






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