Brady Harris, CEO of Dwolla has access to millions of money and financial transfer data points in many different applications, so I asked what trends he’s seeing and how these tie to economic conditions. Also, he explains an amazing leadership lesson he applied to Dwolla’s staff.


Show Topics:

Why companies struggle with content strategy. (Starts at 1:41)

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Brady Harris, CEO of Dwolla (Starts at 12:23)

» 15:45 – Dwolla worked with the Bill and Melinda gates foundation on a new payment function.
» 16:52 – SaaS product case study. Created tax prep software.
» 27:13 – New tech trends from Covid. “Desperation and crisis can create innovation”
» 31:20 – What will disruption do to future tech and how will it change future payments and commerce?
» 33:01 – Banking is becoming a commodity, and Dwolla believes it will radically change how money is moved.
» 40:00 – Dwolla’s Listen, Empathy, Trust activity. Employees already have solutions, you just need to listen.


WHY? Grocery store check-out line edition. (Starts at 48:25)


Covid parties… aren’t real. (Starts at 51:19)

  • Covid parties aren’t happening according to The Verge and WIRED
  • Here’s CNN’s headline: A group of young adults held a coronavirus party in Kentucky to defy orders to socially distance. Now one of them has coronavirus.
  • Here’s The Washington Post‘s headline: Young people attended a ‘coronavirus party’ in Kentucky, governor says. At least one reveler is now infected.
  • NPR also ran a similiar story: Kentucky Has 39 New Cases; 1 Person Attended A ‘Coronavirus Party’
  • NYT: Texas Hospital Says Man, 30, Died After Attending a ‘Covid Party’
  • CNN: Young people are throwing coronavirus parties with a payout when



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