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Brady Harris, CEO of Dwolla has access to millions of money and financial transfer data points in many different applications, so I asked what trends he’s seeing and how these tie to economic conditions. Also, he explains an amazing leadership lesson he applied to Dwolla’s staff.




Why companies struggle with content strategy. (Starts at 1:41)

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Brady Harris, CEO of Dwolla (Starts at 12:23)

» 15:45 – Dwolla worked with the Bill and Melinda gates foundation on a new payment function.
» 16:52 – SaaS product case study. Created tax prep software.
» 27:13 – New tech trends from Covid. “Desperation and crisis can create innovation”
» 31:20 – What will disruption do to future tech and how will it change future payments and commerce?
» 33:01 – Banking is becoming a commodity, and Dwolla believes it will radically change how money is moved.
» 40:00 – Dwolla’s Listen, Empathy, Trust activity. Employees already have solutions, you just need to listen.


WHY? Grocery store check-out line edition. (Starts at 48:25)


Covid parties… aren’t real. (Starts at 51:19)

  • Covid parties aren’t happening according to The Verge and WIRED
  • Here’s CNN’s headline: A group of young adults held a coronavirus party in Kentucky to defy orders to socially distance. Now one of them has coronavirus.
  • Here’s The Washington Post‘s headline: Young people attended a ‘coronavirus party’ in Kentucky, governor says. At least one reveler is now infected.
  • NPR also ran a similiar story: Kentucky Has 39 New Cases; 1 Person Attended A ‘Coronavirus Party’
  • NYT: Texas Hospital Says Man, 30, Died After Attending a ‘Covid Party’
  • CNN: Young people are throwing coronavirus parties with a payout when




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