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Covid-19 has introduced a lot of uncertainty, social media has enabled mass hysteria with no data, and work culture is uncertain. Today I introduce some certainty and bring clarity to all the work topics that are keeping you up at night.




This week’s topics:

1:05 – Too much Covid-19 has led to uncertainty. Here’s how to introduce certainty and clarity.
18:22 – Social media has enabled mass hysteria over information that isn’t even true. Here’s what we need to do.
31:00 – As you go back to work, wearing a mask can actually hurt communication.
40:22 – Work at home hurts work culture. I quote Adecco’s CEO
44:51 – Covid is speeding up technology adoption like drone delivery!
53:19 – IBM is pulling out of the facial recognition business. Just another sign people don’t like tracking tech in the USA.



The Justin Brady Show is an insanely entertaining business podcast that focuses on sharpening communicators in, out, and around the workplace.



Show Notes and Resources

Checking my work? Good for you. Here are all my show notes and resources for this show. Hit the contact option in the menu below if you are looking for info you didn’t find here.


Introduce certainty and clarity despite cloudy Covid-19 Data (Starts at 1:05)


Social media mass hysteria over inaccurate info. (Starts at 18:22)

  • Here’s Michael Solana’s piece titled JUMP


Masks Can Hurt Communication At Work (Starts at 31:00)

  • Here’s the piece in Vox I referenced.
  • Check out this interview with Vicki Brackett on how to lead teams without the benefit of social cues.


Work at home hurts work culture. (Starts at 40:22)


Covid-19 Has Sped Up Drone Delivery (Starts at 44:51)

  • Here’s the piece in Business Insider about Amazon’s drone timeline.
  • Check out Zipline drone delivery
  • Check out Wing, Alphabet’s drone delivery service


IBM Is Pulling Out of Facial Recognition Tech (Starts at 53:19)

  • IBM is pulling out of the facial recognition business.


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