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The founder of the Valuegraphics database, David Allison shares a bizarre look at what Americans are willing to place their support behind, and how Covid-19 has changed their values.

Other show topics include:

  • 01:17 – Five Hard truths about innovative company cultures
  • 12:06 – David Allison describes Valuegraphics and reveals the good and the ugly behind what American’s value in a world changed by Covid-19.
  • 48:38 – Companies are taking employee tracking to an alarming level. This will push employee monitoring to the breaking point.
  • 57:40 – Mike Wagner of The White Rabbit Group explains what he’s changing after Covid-19


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Show Notes and Sources

Below is a full list of all show sources and notes discussed in the show.


Five Hard Truths About Innovative Company Cultures (Starts at 01:23)


David Allison, Creator of Valuegraphics (Starts at 13:10)


Companies Want To Track Employees Every Move (Starts at 49:44)



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