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MIT Professor and Stanford Grad, Rizwan Virk was CEO of a startup that created Tap Fish, now downloaded over 50 million times. He gives us some amazing startup advice and busts all the lame-sauce myths you’ve heard over and over. Plus, Justin discusses the Covid-19 blame game, bailing out retail, the fast economic recovery and folks missing the office.



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Covid-19 has halted many gross sharing practices

  • Sample trays at Grocery stores. Gone. YAY
  • Open antipasti and salad bars. Gone. YAY
  • Public soup bowls. Gone. YAY
  • Disinfecting planes. Uh… duh?
    • Here’s the CNBC article about disinfecting planes
  • Sitting on each other’s laps in communal seating? Done. YAY
  • Washing our hands? Finally.


Rizwan Virk, author of Startup Myths and Models

I’ve got to say, Riz really packs this interview full of great content, but we don’t even cover a fraction of what he explains in his book. You should probably pick it up if you’re involved in your own startup.

Startup Myths and Models by Rizwan Virk
Buy Startup Myths and Models by Rizwan Virk
  • Topics:
    • Different founders have very different motivation. Not everyone is motivated by money, a problem, or fame.
    • Are partners bad? Or good? How many should we have? Do VCs like multiple partners? Why?
    • How valuable is experience? Or should we look for cultural fits?
    • Des passion matter? How many succcesful founders were actually passionate about their startup?
    • Should we really relentlessly focus, or should we be open to change?
    • Is fail fast, pivot quickly a great strategy or plain stupid?
  • Buy Startup Myths and Models by Rizwan Virk
  • Check out bonus content at


Hertz Continues The Covid-19 blame-game


Should we bail out retail? Absolutely not.


Economic Masochism Is Dumb. Experts Predict Fast Recovery 


Do you miss the workplace? You’re not alone.


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