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Sam Parr created The Hustle and grew a massive email list. At the time of writing, it rapidly approaches 2 million people. (When you read this however, it will be far more than that!) I asked him to cut through the crap and tell me how he did it, and what advantages he had. Did he buy ads? Does he know some major Twitter celebrity? We all want to know!



Show Notes & Resources

If you’re checking my work, you’re in the right place. Here are the resources I used for this show.


Is The Internet Vital During Covid-19?

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  • According to PEW Research, just over half the country thinks the internet has been essential during Covid-19. No. This isn’t a joke.


Sam Parr of The Hustle Cuts The Crap

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  • Sign up for The Hustle
  • Sign up for Trends
  • Go to the Hustle Con website… hopefully, it comes back someday.
  • Parr also answers:
    • How do great content producers stay out of the “bullshit” filter?
    • Are email lists dying?
    • How much should we rely on data/analytics?
    • How do we balance chaos and experimentation with focus and goal-setting?
    • How do they curate content?
    • What’s the future of Hustle Con?
    • Does he believe the jack-of-all-trades well-rounded person has more value or the focused specialty person?


Square and Twitter go permanent WFH.

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  • According to MSNBC, Twitter and Square go permanent work from home.
  • Read this article on People Thriving in Coworking Spaces in Harvard Business Review


The Coronavirus is blamed for J.C.Penney failures. 

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  • According to Bloomberg, J.C. Penney Bankruptcy Blames Coronavirus for struggle
  • J.C. Penney already planned to close stores in early 2020 according to USA Today
  • J.C. Penney taps debt restructuring advisers in July of 2019 says Reuters
  • TIME‘s 20/20 hindsight on Ron Johnson of J.C. Penney
  • Pier 1 also blames Coronavirus for troubles according to CNN Business
  • Pier 1 was already in trouble in February of 2020 according to CNN Business


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