Nate Regier, founder of Next Element discusses how to be authentic at work, how to self assess your leadership, and how to influence your boss without negative conflict. He also explains why an older leadership model, PCM is misunderstood and why he’s writing a book about it.

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Show topics:

  • 01:45 – Some are angry we are discussing “acceptable deaths” for re-opening the economy. They are missing the big picture.
  • 12:18 – Nate Regier, founder of Next Element
  • 40:05 – Industry insiders say Air Travel will probably get WORSE, not better as a result of Covid19. I think we will still fly just as much because… we want to.
  • 54:38 – Why a lawyer tried to take down my show on iTunes, why Apple didn’t care, and why I lost thousands of listeners overnight.



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Show Notes and Sources

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Discussing “acceptable deaths” in reopening. (Starts 01:45)

Some believe it’s evil to discuss “acceptable deaths” in re-opening the economy. But they are missing the bigger picture.

  • Deaths from cigarettes per year from the CDC
  • Deaths from heart disease per year from the CDC
  • An estimated 80% of heart disease is preventable according to the American Heart Association.
  • Deaths from vehicles are around 38k per year


Nate Regier of Next Element (Starts at 12:18)

Nate talks about leadership, authenticity, influencing others, and PCM’s place in our tension-filled workplace.


Air Travel Will Get Worse, But You’ll Still Fly (Starts at 40:05)

Insiders believe air travel will get… worse. But I think it won’t impact travel because travel is a status symbol. In the future, one unsuspecting technology will disrupt travel though…


Lawyer Tried To Take My Podcast Down (Starts at 54:38)

  • Read the full account here.




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