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Michael Brenner is author of Mean People Suck and explains why jerks do damage. I also ask him how to get everyone on board with content strategy and why organic traffic beats paid for traffic. + Even though people like working from home, I don’t think it’s here to stay. + Conferences are going to change forever, and I hope your marketing crew is ready.


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Show Notes and Resources:

I’ve listed out all the resources, links and guest info used in this show.


Will Americans Get Bored of Covid-19? (Starts at 01:16)


Michael Brenner, Author of Mean People Suck (Starts at 11:15)

Mean People Suck by Michael Brenner
Buy Mean People Suck by Michael Brenner


After The Pandemic, Will Work-From-Home Continue? (Starts at 39:58)


Conferences As We Know Them, Might Be Over For Good (Starts at 55:40)


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