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Columbia Law Professor and Negotiation Trainer for the United Nations, Alexandra Carter explains how to negotiate better, ask for more, and score win/win deals. (Starts at 8:47) Plus, a whole lot more show content to tickle your grey matter.

Other Topics:

01:35 – Alert Fatigue and constant Covid-19 warnings may desensitize us from real threats.
08:47 – Alexandra Carter tells us all how to ask for more (and why we shouldn’t ask “why”)
32:23 – Amazon is using sellers’ data to compete against them. But they don’t have the chokehold most think they do.
47:34 – New MFactor trends to watch for communicators and marketers.
52:21 – ONE THING listeners have learned they didn’t know before during this Great Disruption
59:14 – White Rabbit Group warns to be careful using the phrase “new normal” and details some connection & challenge strategies for leaders.


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Show Notes and Sources

Below is a full list of all show sources and notes discussed in the show.


Alert Fatigue & constant Covid-19 warnings (Starts at 01:35)

  • Here’s the article on alert fatigue causing the Target hack.
  • Here’s the Boston Globe investigation on alarm fatigue within healthcare.


Alexandra Carter On Pro-Level Negotiation (Starts at 08:47)


Amazon Using Seller’s Data Against Them (Starts at 32:23)


New MFactor Trends To Watch (Starts at 47:34)


What The Great Disruption Has Taught YOU (Starts at 52:21)


Leadership Connection / Challenge Strategies (Starts at 59:14)


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