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Mike Berland is a former Hillary Clinton strategist, and “genius pollster” according to MSNBC. He explains why polling is useless for predictions and how MFactor drivers are iron-clad and can help us understand future trends. Also in this episode, Justin explains why you aren’t as productive at home as you think you are, companies need to be extremely careful on how they communicate about data, and beware of Covid-19 scams!


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Working From Home = Bad Productivity

  • Here’s the piece from Quartz about more meetings being scheduled to replace lost external meetings.
  • Check out this article from HBR about all our distractions at work.
  • Three golden questions are here.


Mike Berland Discusses The MFactor

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maximum momentum by Mike Berland
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Customers revolt against your data / Data revulsion

Starts at 38:00

  • According to PEW Research, nearly half the country won’t use a product because of data concerns.


Beware of Covid-19 Scams

Starts at 49:15

  • WSJ reports there are 14k coronavirus-related scams, reporting $10 million in total losses, since Jan. 1.


Goat To Meeting… Is A Real Thing

Stats at 1:01:33

  • Goat To Meeting. No…. I’m serious. Do we need more proof we have too many meetings in this country?


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