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February 7th, 2020

Super Bowl viewers saw a new Olay ad, but I think it sends the wrong message to our current and future workforce. Also, raise your hand if you took the kids out of the room for the Super Bowl half time show? How is this kind of show appropriate, and are we sending our workforce and children the wrong message? Also, new research suggests being fake at work hurts productivity.



Women De-Powerment At The Super Bowl

Does the Olay “MakeSpaceForWomen” campaign communicate and imply women are stupid and need men to step out of the way? I call foul (and some powerful women do too.) Call me old fashioned, but the era of ultra-tight revealing clothing, saggy pants showing underwear, especially in the workplace needs to go. In a perfect world, women and men should be able to wear whatever they want to work, judgment-free, and free of unwanted attention. But this isn’t a perfect world, it’s a world where we lock our doors, carry mace, and have SOS buttons on our cell phones.



Fake People At Work Have Lower Productivity

I’ve suspected it for years, but now the data is in. If you’re fake at work and not authentic your work product and productivity suffer. Research from the University of Arkansas shows that you’re communicating a lot more than you think with your body language, but more importantly, your level of acting at work, may exhaust you and destroy your productivity. So, why is authenticity so hard, even for our leaders?


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