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In today’s show, Elon Musk has erased stupid time-wasting meetings and you absolutely should do the same. Plus, we discuss how loyal Millenials are and why all your ideas about demographics are WRONG and why small businesses (even Amish ones) are doing well.

Elon Musk Ditched Meeting, You Should Too

Starts at 00:50


Millennials Are Loyal, And Demographics Are Useless

Starts at 16:12


Small Business Is On The Heels of The Big Guys

Starts at 28:41


Folding Phones—Yes or No?

Starts at 43:45

Standing Desks For… Kids?

Starts at 52:36


Here Are The Books Mentioned In The Podcast


Unfairly Labeled by Jessica Kriegel
Unfairly Labeled by Jessica Kriegel
We Are All The Same Age Now by David Allison
We Are All The Same Age Now by David Allison



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