There hasn’t been any real innovation in toothpaste for decades and the amount of waste generated by toothpaste tubes alone is significant. That’s why Bite has created toothpaste tabs in a glass container, with easy refills. Co-founder Asher Hunt explains how the tabs foam up when bitten, and why they walked away from Mark Cuban’s offer.

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Asher Hunt, co-founder of Bite

Bite is focusing on removing plastic waste from home hygiene products, and co-founder Asher Hunt explains how their toothpaste tablet was invented. People discard over one billion toothpaste tubes per year, and due to the foil-lined plastic, it can’t be recycled. It greatly concerned CEO Lindsay McCormick nuts, so she set out to make an alternative for herself and her friends. She had no idea it would catch on.

Bite toothpaste
Bite toothpaste

As a designer, everything changed when Hunt created a well-designed website and a video went viral. The viral moment came when they pitched their connection in Women’s Health Magazine and they requested a video. That video ended up going viral and they suddenly were overwhelmed by orders.


More Bite Bits

There are plenty of fascinating nuggets in this interview with Asher Hunt. He explains the hilarious reason they had to be vetted by the DEA, if they regretted walking away from Mark Cuban’s partnership offer, how they invented the Bite toothpaste tablets, and he even hints at future products. Did you know they are a team of only 5 people? wow


Bite on Shark Tank

Watch founder Lindsay McCormick and co-founder Asher Hunt walk away from Mark Cuban! (Woa!)



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