New entrepreneurs are often discouraged when watching their colleagues become successful, but they shouldn’t be. Because they aren’t being told the truth.

Also in this show, why malls died how this is good for the future of small business. Plus, small designers, seamstresses, and tailors are going to benefit from the new industry of micro fashion.


0:44 – Half of entrepreneurs lie about success
16:15 – Why malls dying helps small business (like you)
25:00 – Micro fashion is going to be a BIG thing for tailors, seamstresses, and clothiers.



Half of entrepreneurs lie about success


It’s really discouraging as an entrepreneur when you see your acquaintances crushing it, and you seem to be stuck. What are they doing right, and what are you doing wrong? Truth be told… nothing. There’s a good chance they’re bending the truth.

  • Check out my Twitter poll on entrepreneurs lying here. (As of recording it was 50/50)
  • Check out this article in Entrepreneur about fake staff numbers


Why malls dying helps small business (like you)


Hear me out, malls were the internet of the 1980s. Window shopping provided the ideas for our Christmas presents. With the internet, however, we don’t need malls. We need educators.


Micro fashion is going to be a BIG thing for tailors.


AI and Automation will open up the industry of micro fashion. Small tailors, seamstresses, and designers will be able to compete with the big guys for apparel. It’s already happening!


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