We need to stop saying “2020 sucks” I’m even hearing it on advertisements now. Pain and struggle are real, but they are also quite normal and don’t define us, or our future. Covid-preneurs are going to be a thing of the future. Also in the show, we go over why Christmas cards are going to be trending this year, and why working from home burns you out more than working from the office.



STOP Saying 2020 Sucks

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It’s time to stop saying “2020 sucks!” I even hear this crap in ads. Click play and I’ll explain why 2020 is a major spring board for 2021 and beyond.


Covid-preneurs are going to rule 2021

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The next few years, entrepreneurship will explode and the impact will change the future of this country.


Christmas Cards Are Going To Heat Up This Year

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According to data from Decode-M, your mailbox is going to be chock full of Christmas cards this year. Marketers: make sure you do this right and don’t irritate people.

  • Decode_M has given Christmas cards a high momentum score


Burnout is getting worse for home workers and better for office workers.

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I certainly didn’t expect to see this, but people working from home are burning out faster than people working in the office. Sure, kids are a part of the equation, but social isolation is taking its toll as well.


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