Martin Babinec co-founded TriNet, currently a $4 billion company listed on the NYSE. He gets really specific on how to create more tech jobs in your community, which levers to pull, and who can lead this effort.

Other show topics: Subway doesn’t make bread, the mistakes parents make in virtual school, Elon Musk bricks, and why you SHOULD NOT do a virtual event.


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Virtual Events (Don’t Do It)

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Martin Babinec on More Good Jobs

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More Good Jobs by Martin Babinec
Buy More Good Jobs by Martin Babinec
  • Martin’s comments on the Silicon Valley exodus are toward the end of the interview, but the entire topic is on how to capture talent and more good tech jobs.
  • Learn more about the More Good Jobs community
  • Buy More Good Jobs


Letters To Elon

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Bad Trends In Virtual Schooling

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Subway Doesn’t Make Bread (In Ireland)

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  • The Irish Government has ruled, Subway’s bread… isn’t bread. WSJ



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