Half of employees don’t trust their boss, and the consequences on your bottom line are bad! Dan Pontefract explains how this trust eroded, and why uncaring bosses are the least productive. We also dig into one major leadership quandary, if listening, empathy, and trusting are so important, why did Steve Jobs have so much success?

We also dig into why your employees are fighting each other and trying to make themselves look better. It truly doesn’t have to be this way and the first step is leaders not fearing those they are supposed to lead.


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iPhone 12 Charger Gate

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Just how insane is Apple? Their new iPhone 12 doesn’t include a charger, and they claim it’s for “environmental reasons.” But Apple has a history of promoting more e-waste by hijacking user experience.

  • Here’s the article from TechCrunch about the 500 million settlement.


Dan Pontefract on trust

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Is Covid to blame for airlines’ nose dive?

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  • Here’s the Gallup survey of why people are scared to travel via air



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