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Life changes both positive and negative can be a lot to handle. If you’re a new parent, or if you lost a loved one, speaking to others who are going through something similar is healing, especially when done in a safe space with licensed therapists. But finding these groups is hard, and Irad Eichler, founder of Circles created the solution.

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Eichler got the idea during his mother’s fight with cancer. Even though he was supportive, he noticed the most bright moments for her, came from her discussions with people on the same path. He wanted to give that relief to people all around the world.


Are you an ignored entrepreneur?

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In this special episode, Jay Ly, Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, Chief, US Navy, and founder of Golden Compass Financial Freedom has jumped from planes, taken enemy fire, and diffused bombs in Afghanistan. Ly has spent 13 years of his life in the US Navy serving our country and keeping us safe. As the US exits the country, I ask him the good that we accomplished, and what the media got right, and what they got wrong.

Ly’s positive attitude and encouraging words are what we all need to hear these days. For those that think Afghanistan was a waste of time or lost cause, Ly’s perspective is completely different and gave me a sense that we really did accomplish a lot. We collected incredible amounts of evidence and stopped an untold amount of attacks on the USA and even other countries.

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Here are some of the ways you can help:

Jay Ly's flag jump
Jay Ly’s flag jump
Jay Ly underwater with an American Flag
Jay Ly underwater with an American Flag
Jay Ly next to a Humvee
Jay Ly next to a Humvee
Jay Ly Doing In A Military Transport
Jay Ly Doing In A Military Transport
Jay Ly Official Photo
Jay Ly Official Photo
Jay Ly Doing A Jump
Jay Ly Doing A Jump
Jay Ly In Gear
Jay Ly In Gear

Dan Simon founded Qwoted as a matchmaking service for journalists and expert sources. He explains how broken the relationship is between PR people and journalists is, and how he’s trying to change it with technology. We also discuss how many PR agencies operate and how it’s highly offensive for most journalists.


The Problem with PR

To get their clients in the center of the conversation, PR agencies pitch news companies, hoping to get their clients exposed to the masses, but there is often a major misalignment on goals. Companies want their company featured in what is basically a long-form advertisement, whereas journalists want unique stories their reader will click on. Instead of PR agencies or PR people taking time to understand a journalist’s beat and consumer, most opt to just email blast tens of thousands of people the same pitch. It’s not effective, and this behavior has led to a strained relationship between PR people and journalists.

Simon believes Qwoted is more of a matchmaking service than a journalist database. Using tech, he believes that matching the proper experts with the proper journalist is better for both parties. He’s onto something. To get media coverage for your startup or any company for that matter, matching an ideal story to an ideal journalist is the best strategy.


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10 Day Press Guide

An easy way to get more press in 10 days.

I work with emerging tech companies often and understand not everyone has the budget to hire a PR company. That’s why I’ve developed a guide to get you more press coverage in just 10 days. To download it free, just enter your name and email.



80-hour workdays, sacrificing time with the family, and focusing only on work activities off the clock? It’s not going to end well for you, explains Dr. Andrea Mata of the Bright Spot Podcast, and Bright Spot Families. Research shows aligning your work patterns to your circadian rhythm, resting, making time for family, and capping your work hours at 55 hours per week, makes you more productive each week. Not less.

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Dr. Andrea Mata & The Bright Spot Podcast

Andrea Mata, PhD is the founder of Bright Spot Families and host of the Bright Spot Podcast. She holds a doctorate degree in Clinical Child Psychology from Kent State University. Mata is a gifted keynote speaker and works with families and entrepreneurs to make positive life choices.


Dr. Mata’s 10 core values to live a value-based life

There’s more to life than just your career, but we often get confused and lose sight of our priorities. Some entrepreneurs convince themself they must sacrifice their values, to achieve goals. For example, they forgo time with family and make sacrifices at the office, so they can ensure high quality of life. A high quality of life, where they can spend more time with family.

Instead, they can live their values right now. Dr. Mata explained we should think about ten core values, and write down which we perceive as the most important. Then, compare it to how you spend your time, do they match?

  1. Parenting
  2. Personal growth
  3. Leisure or recreation
  4. Spirituality / Religion
  5. Physical and mental health
  6. Community involvement
  7. Work and Career
  8. Family relationships
  9. Intimate relationships
  10. Social relationships


10 Day Press Guide

Hacks for Entrepreneurs and Founders

Entrepreneurs and founders work hard on executing ideas and overcoming challenges, but many are horrified when their market completely ignores them or their product. Why do people ignore the best idea, in favor of their sub-par routine? It’s because the best idea never wins, the best communicator does. Sign up for my free newsletter and I’ll give you a free PDF to get more press in 10 days. I’ll also teach you how to rank better in search engines.


Many of us have experienced anxiety as it relates to Zoom or Google Meet calls. We stage the room, and prepare ourselves, but we all wonder if we are being perceived well through the lens. Charles Hua, CEO of Poised invented a real-time AI coach to help you.

Using your computer’s microphone, Poised analyzes vocal stress and speech patterns, presenting improvements in a real-time heads-up display. It analyzes, how fast you’re speaking if you’re using filler words, if your confidence needs a boost, and even clarity, empathy and energy.


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Why Use AI coaching for virtual meetings?

Screenshot of Poised in action
Click to enlarge this screenshot of Poised in action

As a radio guy and podcaster, it took me months to get comfortable behind a microphone and years to perfect that skill. That’s despite the fact presentation and communication is a natural skill for me. One trick I used to polish my podcasts and live radio presentation skill is that I would listen to¬†every second of the show when I was done, making notes on what needed to change. You can actually hear the difference if you listen to my first podcasts. (It’s embarrassing)

Tragically, some of my older shows aren’t super great, because I learned presentation lessons after the fact. But what if I would have had Poised five years ago? Would there have been a shorter learning curve? I’ll never know, but you can try it right now.


Learn more about Poised

Download Poised right here.


How entrepreneurs are getting media coverage.

Have you wondered how entrepreneurs and emerging tech founders get themselves press coverage? It’s about knowing what editors, reporters, writers and consumers¬†want to read. I can teach you exactly how to do this for free. Just download my free PDF and you’ll learn how to get more press in just 10 days. Did I say it was free?





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