I Asked Listeners To Invite Me To Their Superbowl Party. They Did!

On The Justin Brady Show, I told listeners I didn’t have Superbowl plans and figured I’d ask everyone if they’d invite me to their party. I just asked for two things to help me make the best choice: their menu and their address. Also, they had to be within driving distance of the studio, obviously.

I narrowed it down to my top three over the air and waited until the the day of the Superbowl to make my decision. Telling absolutely no one, I wound up in Gilbert, Iowa. Why Gilbert?

Because this was the menu that I was texted. “…smoking 10 lbs of brisket, serving ‘Better Than Sex Fruit Salad,’ blueberry bars, cheesy broccoli, & a corn pudding. Guests are bringing other snacks.” It sounded amazing, so of course, I had to go.

Obviously, I had no idea who actually sent the text. All I had was a cell phone number and an address, so anything could have happened. The address could have been fake, there could have been no one home, or heck, they could have been leaders of a drug ring! I had no idea. But I went anyway and live streamed the entire thing on Facebook.

I arrived at the house, and lights were on with cars in the driveway so I rang the doorbell. Nothing. I rang again. Nothing. I rang a third time and knocked and finally in the basement I saw movement with a few dudes coming up the stairs.


What Happened?

Needless to say, it was amazing and I survived. They were all outstanding and great hosts. I finally met the guy who sent the text, Chris. You can see him in the video. And he didn’t disappoint in the food department. We had a great time and took some photos and I left full! Plus, I got to witness Frank’s amazing beard.

Special thanks to the runners up Melissa, who got points for being hilarious texting ” Super bowl snacks from yesteryear…actually today .. leftover chili with cheddar cheese and crackers leftover birthday cake and red leaf lettuce salad with balsamic and of course beer.” And Cheryl who was tempting me with real cheesy nachos and wanted me to know she wasn’t a lush! “Hey, Justin! Real Cheesy Nachos! No alcohol.”

Maybe I should do this again!


Check Out the Photos

Justin Brady visits some listeners 2
I met Chris, Lorrie, Kathy, John, Jocelyn, Frank, Jennifer!

Justin Brady visits some listeners 3 Food, for me!?

Justin Brady visits some listeners Smoked brisket!


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