The best way to get listeners for your podcast.

“Just post about it on social media,” people tell you. Ha! Podcasting content is great for growing a social media presence, but if you want to grow podcast listeners, it’s not effective. Understanding how to market your podcast the right way requires human connection and maximizing face-to-face experiences.

I’m a pro podcaster. My past guests include the founder of founder of Starbucks, founder of, and cultural warriors like Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang and Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs, to name a few.

Why social media clicks and conversion suck

Today, people will click on a targeted ad 0.5%, and that number is dropping every day. Similarly, organic clicks on social media are also falling as content increases per day, quality decreases and social media companies design new methods to trap you on their platform. For example, LinkedIn is removing hyperlinks from comments and displaying warnings when users click links.

This is why social media clicks and conversion suck! You’re fighting competition and even the platforms themselves. You can pay them to increase reach, but that click rate is still low.

Can you promote your podcast by going on other podcasts?

The gold standard to grow podcast listeners is to get on other folks’ podcasts, ideally a show that has listeners who care about your message. (Don’t expect your political show to get a bump from a show about parenting.) This is a decent method, however, most podcasters fail to promote their show in a way the audience cares about.

Many podcasters assume if listeners like them as a guest, those listeners will seek out their show. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Even if they really connect with you and intend to find your show, they still probably won’t. Understanding how to market your podcast as a guest requires specific calls to action.

I’ve discovered podcast listener behavior is structured around listener habits. People are doing the dishes, working out, doing laundry, relaxing, at the beach, at the pool or commuting. What they’re not doing is taking notes. This means if they kinda like you as a host and want to subscribe to your show, they will forget.

The best way to grow podcast listeners through other shows is to plug the show early and leave specific calls to action. “If your guests are entrepreneurs and hate BS advice, they should subscribe to my show, The Justin Brady Show!”

The best way to grow podcast listeners

By far, the best way to grow podcast listeners is face-to-face contact. Especially now, in a post-pandemic world, this is even more impactful than it was years ago. Meeting someone face-to-face creates an instant bond and dramatically increases your podcast subscription conversion chances.

I consistently get far more podcast subscriptions after a panel discussion for 100 people VS being a guest on a podcast with 10,000 people. I’ll take the 100-person group any day. The trick, however, is how to maximize face-to-face contact. If your focus is on how to market your podcast, here are a few strategies to try.

  1. Panel Discussions: offer your perspective to event planners in various business groups.
  2. Keynotes: pitch conferences and offer yourself as a keynote speaker. It doesn’t have to be a ten-thousand-person event, the smaller events tend to drive higher conversions.
  3. Workshops: sign up to lead a workshop or educational events

Obviously, you need to pitch value to these events. I use the FART method to identify the value I have for a particular audience. But the bottom line is this: get creative and find ways to meet your target listeners face-to-face. On the question of how to market your podcast, this is the best method to grow podcast listeners.

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