Clubhouse is an SEO Goldmine

The most intimidating aspect of content marketing isn’t just knowing how to come up with new story ideas, but how to create value for your audience. I’ve stated numerous times the notebook method is the best way to get this done. It can unseat people with 10x your budget, but it requires in-person contact. So, what do you do if you lack access? Use apps like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces.

The Notebook method?

Briefly, the notebook method is the easiest way to win the SEO game by listening to real questions in the field. It’s ridiculously simple. First, bring your notebook to meetings with prospects. Second, write down their raw questions. Third, write articles that answer those questions. That’s it.

It’s about audience obsession. Jason Feifer, Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur, explained his core method of content creation is audience obsession. The way he keeps producing great stuff for his audience is because he obsesses over them. But what if you don’t have an audience to obsess over? What if you don’t have clients asking questions? Simple: use Clubhouse.

Using Clubhouse for SEO and Content Strategy

Applying the notebook method while using Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces is how to come up with new story ideas even with no audience or customers. It’s so damn easy. Find the rooms your audience is likely to be interested in and just listen. When you hear questions, write them down exactly as asked, then write a blog post focused on answering that question. Make sure the question itself appears in the first paragraph of your copy and headline.

Lately, I’ve been hearing 5 great questions per room, and my list of content grows every time I log in. Because Clubhouse has an extremely diverse user base, I’m often surprised at the questions I hear. They are questions I likely would have never considered within my own network.

Final Thoughts on how to come up with new story ideas.

If you want to know how to come up with new story ideas, the best strategy is to get out in the real world and talk with people you can help. Listen to them, hear them out, and write down their questions. But Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, or Spotify’s Greenroom is the next best thing: get a coffee, plug in your headphones, open your notebook and listen.

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