My New Piece in Quartz: Gen Z Doesn’t Believe In Job Security

Just last week I published a piece on the corporate lessons Generation Z has learned watching us, baby boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y, also referred to as millennials. I agree with Jessica Kriegel and David Allison, that Generations aren’t all that different in their core, but they do differ in lessons learned through technology available. Sadly, the data they have access to nowadays paints a very grim picture of corporate life.

How Did Gen Z Learn This Lesson?

With our moments of major brain growth and neuroplasticity gone, you and I may be conditioned to believe in the idea of job security. That’s the way it was. People could stay with a company for 30 years and retire happy. Generation Z hasn’t seen that era and with layoffs, terrible corporate cultures, and corporate creative indifference, the idea of job security isn’t even a consideration. And that spells disaster for bad corporate actors.


Excerpt From Quartz

Gen Z defines job security completely differently from the rest of us

Employees have traditionally been the ones who have to grovel to get—and sometimes, to keep—a job. But as Generation Z starts to enter the workforce, that power dynamic is due for a shift.

At least that’s what Google’s chief education evangelist Jaime Casap believes: Gen Z will be the ones to fix the broken workplace structure.

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