Foundry Distillery Releasing Only 5000 Bottles of Special Whiskey

In November of this year, Foundry Distillery will release a 10-year aged corn-based Whiskey. There are only 5000 bottles available and they are only selling in Iowa in the first 6 months. The next time they will release their 10-year aged corn-based Whiskey is… never. It’s a one time deal.

Scott Bush and Justin Brady at WHO Radio
Scott Bush and Justin Brady at WHO Radio

The distillery, less than a 10 minute drive from my house, is making Foundry Vodka, Foundry Gin, Founder Rum and other spirits. The former Templeton Rye owner explained the Whiskey, aged 10 years in used Templeton Rye barrels, is the pièce de résistance. He fully expects the bottles to go quickly.


What Is Corn-based Whiskey

Corn-whiskey is required to contain at least 80% corn to make and thee Foundry Distillery Whiskey contains 81% corn, 15% Rye, 4% Barley.  “Ten years in the barrel—you don’t find too many products that are aged that long, particularly yin the craft world. So, it’s very carefully aged, it’s very very easy to drink, very approachable. The corn is very sweet, so it’s got a really nice sweet taste and finish” Bush told me.


More About The Foundry Distillery

The overall Foundry Distillery concept is experiential instead of just being a retail space or standard distillery.

Foundry Distillery 10-year Corn-Based Whiskey
Foundry Distillery’s 10-year aged corn Whiskey

They have kicked off  their Foundry Distillery Private Barrel program where individuals or groups can come in and work with our team to develop their own whiskey. Working with their very own on site chemist, brewer, and professionals, anyone who participates in this program gets to come back frequently and taste the development of their whiskey and see how the flavor profile changes.

The education is baked into the overall price and after it’s all said and done, you leave with 210 bottles of whiskey. You could make a bottle on your wedding day, for example, and open it up at your 5 year anniversary.

Another layer to this is a program that allows people to customize their own spirits and brand them with company logos. At least for me, this sounds like a far better option than handing out a mug, or corporate branded sweat shirt.


Brewer / Distillery Alliance

The Foundry Distillery is creating what Bush calls the Brewer/Distiller Alliance. They are working with some of the best breweries in the country like Boulevard, Surly, Stone, Left Hand and local Iowa brands like Peace Tree and Confluence to further process one of their great bears into whiskey.

Bush explains the Whiskey-making process essentially starts by making beer. “To make whiskey, you essentially make beer, but then there are 2 additional steps. You distill it, and barrel age it. So we are taking their flagship beers and essentially making it into a whiskey.” The fit is a natural one. In the future, consumers will have their choice to buy Boulevard Whiskey, or Surly Whiskey.

If it sounds world class, that’s because a lot of work, experience and love when into this. “I’m a proud Iowan” Bush said, “I wanted to build a world glass distillery here in Iowa that was very experiential.”


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