On “Finding Brave” Kathy Caprino Asks About Comms Blunders

A few months back, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kathy Caprino on my own podcast. Our conversation focused on women in the workplace, and what affects their career prospects. She was so intrigued by my questions, she invited me to continue the conversation on her own show, The Finding Brave Podcast! Check it out

What Are The Biggest Outside Communication Errors?

For the full experience, go to her podcast page and subscribe, but here is a quick tease. One question Caprino asked on the Finding Brave Podcast was about common external communication/PR blunders.

Blunder 1: Clients Don’t Value Their Own Story

Leaders will tell you their people make the difference, but when you peel back the layers of their organization, many don’t truly believe that. Of those who value their people, they don’t believe their story is compelling enough. One client told me not to waste time getting press, but a few months later I escorted their CEO into the Bloomberg world headquarters and into the ears of over two million listeners across the globe.

When we sway too objective or too subjective we have problems. Being too objective leads to devaluing yourself, and being too subjective leads to what David Burkus calls the mousetrap myth.

Blunder 2: Not Researching A Target

When attempting the perfect pitch email to a journalist or writer, most don’t think to research them or read what they have written—seasoned PR people can be the worst offenders.

Many PR folks find that diamond-in-a-rough keyword, but if they don’t truly read existing work, their pitch is tone-deaf. When pitching, understand the mission and vision of the writer/journalist. Instead of pitching your square story into a round hole, you need to find the journalist already writing about your topic area. (Yes, they’re out there.) Check out the FART Method to help you refine your pitch.

This is how to get a journalist to cover your story. Think about playing a game of Memory.

The Finding Brave Podcast with Kathy Caprino

We talked about so much more, but you should probably head over to Capriono’s website and subscribe to The Finding Brave Podcast. Kathy was also kind to mention our interview in her latest Forbes piece titled How To Earn More With Powerful Shifts In Mindset And Behavior.

Finding Brave Podcast - Kathy Caprino Interviews Justin Brady
Kathy Caprino Interviews Justin Brady on the Finding Brave Podcast

Finding Brave Podcast Video

Watch the video of the full interview here:

Justin Brady on the Finding Brave Podcast

I have a podcast too. You should probably subscribe.

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