Just Call Me A Conservative Leftist Hack

If you face anger from both sides — welcome to the lonely political center and the subject of my newest article for The Des Moines Register.

I never imagined starting in radio, and I also never imagined having my own radio show The Justin Brady Show on a major radio station like the 50,000 watt icon that is WHO Radio. Ask any seasoned radio professional in the country if they’re familiar with the station and they’ll say yes. I also never imagined having my very own show or the ratings that would follow.

When I started my solo show in January of this year, I wanted to take a data-centric, objective approach, but also take a hardline on my own opinion without coming off arrogant or obstinate. Growing up listening to radio hosts who were always fighting an “enemy” of sorts, I wasn’t sure if there was a market for it. It turns out there is. And it turns out there were more people that felt trapped in the center just like me.

That’s the subject of my new piece for the Des Moines Register, who’s journalists are in the national spotlight due to the Presidential Election and caucus season. Read the article, and if you feel like you’re trapped in the center like me taking vitriol from both sides. Welcome to the party.

Excerpt from my Des Moines Register Article

Five minutes after getting a text from someone calling me a “fascist Republican Nazi,” I received another text condemning me, yet again: “Go back to CNN you leftist hack!” As a rookie host on WHO Radio, occupying the center was a lonely experience at first.

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