How to get a famous guest on your podcast

Have you ever wondered how to get a famous guest on your podcast? It’s challenging enough to convince the average person it’s worth their time, but setting your sights on A-list names can be a big challenge. The more famous, … Continued

Why don’t journalists respond to you?

One person standing alone in a vast space

I know the frustration of pitching stories to journalists only to never hear a peep. Rejection is hard, but hearing nothing is far worse because you aren’t given the opportunity to improve or clarify. Lucky for you, I have received … Continued

Comparing leaders to an impossible standard.

Man looking across cliff to mountain top

“Why am I so frustrated by my boss or client?” you may be asking. It might be all your fault. Many moons ago, I asked myself why I was constantly frustrated with clients. Was the bar for leadership really low, … Continued

The Best Podcast Picks for 2021

The best podcasts of 2021 won’t just win on content, but also on quality production, entertainment, and unique value. Nothing drives me crazier than great podcasts that don’t get the recognition they deserve, so for those who’ve asked me what … Continued

Entrepreneurs Compare Their Success To A Fake Ideal

carrots being pulled out of dirt

Nearly 40% of entrepreneurs could be lying about how well their business is doing, their social media engagements, where their funding came from, or how their business found success. But are these white lies, intended to project confidence, hurting the … Continued

The Air Force General That Leads Like Zappos’ CEO

General Gregory Lengyel.

We’ve all worked in companies with ugly cultures. Leaders bark orders and we are expected to blindly obey, even if it’s the wrong decision for the consumer or the company. Most obey their marching orders, but some passionate employees propose … Continued

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