The Corruption of Podcast Subscriber Data

guy holding pen looking at data

If you’re a podcaster, advertiser, or curious listener, you want to know how many subscribers a podcast has. It sounds like a simple question with an easy answer. But to the frustration of many, podcast data is full of ignorance, … Continued

Are Smaller Networks The Future Of Social Influence?

Two ladies taking a selfie

A sky-high Twitter follower count, masses of Instagram oglers, and loads of Facebook likes may soon be nothing more than vanity metrics, if not already. The golden era for social media influencers is over, as pro marketers look to tighter … Continued

When Should I Give Up?

King chess piece tipped to the side

Never give up, never surrender; 3 feet from gold; blah, blah, friggin-blah. Cliches and advice abound on why you only fail when you give up… it’s a lie. There is a razor-thin line between finding success in business from the … Continued

Covid-19 Is A Healthcare Disruption Catalyst

doctor sits in his office

Imagine the same scrappy startup ingenuity that bore Google, Twitter, Microsoft, and Apple entered the field of medicine. Wouldn’t that be something? But the biggest reason startup innovation has eluded healthcare for so long is the FDA’s current structure. As … Continued

Working From Home Won’t Become Our New Normal

comical photo depicting guy working from 1970s office

Will “work from home” become more common? That’s the question many workers are asking as we grapple with the great disruption. But, those hopeful pajamas will become the workplace outfit of choice shouldn’t get their hopes up. Like I explained … Continued

Spend Time On Stories, Not Money On Digital Ads

AdWords Icon on phone screen

A few years ago Proctor & Gamble cut their advertising, and their sales actually went up. People hate being advertised to and in some cases actually avoid the companies that irritate them with ads, explained Michael Brenner, author of Mean … Continued

Why Don’t Journalists Cite Sources?

Hands at keyboard. Paper says "why don't journalists cite sources?"

As an emerging tech PR and communications guy, radio host, and podcaster, I’ve been asked one question a lot as of late: Why don’t journalists cite sources? There’s a lot of confusion here, and it’s worth exploring. There are a … Continued

Does Covid-19 Provide A Hidden Opportunity?

man and woman business owners

When it comes to a successful business mindset, Covid-19 can very well provide new opportunities. Two food companies battle during the Great Depression sheds light on just what kind of opportunity a crisis can give your company. One company cut … Continued

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