How do you measure ROI on PR?

charts and graphs with person calculating numbers like a bossd

How do you measure ROI on PR? It sounds impossible because analytics can’t possibly track platforms like TV and Radio, but it works. As an emerging tech PR guy, I’ll share clever methods you can use starting today. After reading … Continued

A guide to build a relationship with a journalist

desperate guy

I overheard someone explain a really awful PR strategy. To build a relationship with a journalist, they explained, just ask them to meet over a glass of wine and offer your assistance. As a writer for top publications myself, I’ve … Continued

How to create content for your brand

illustration showing laptop and office supplies. The copy says "how to create content for your brand."

The reason websites like this one get a lot of organic web traffic is simple: I post consistent, well-written, well-researched, very valuable, educational information. Period. This is the single biggest SEO tool companies have but never utilize. I’ll explain why … Continued

Get media coverage for your startup

A group of people collaborating. A large lightbulb appears in the foreground.

The obvious benefit when getting media coverage for your startup is the rapid spread of your message to millions of potential customers at a low cost. But the alarming majority of founders screw up when reaching out because they never … Continued

How much does PR cost for emerging tech?

Illustration of various PR symbolism with text that reads "how much does PR cost?"

How much does PR cost? It’s the question you really want to know, and the question PR companies don’t want to answer. Ok, so here goes: anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 per month or higher. As a PR and Comms … Continued

How can I leverage my press opportunity?

camera pointing at TV studio potential press opportunity

Congratulations! You got an interview in that paper, or that TV show you were targeting. Your mom is impressed and it can be great for your brand, but don’t waste the full potential. To squeeze all the value from your … Continued

Heavy AI & Automation regulation will hurt Economy

Warehouse racks that stretch for hundreds of feet

The global supply chain suffered back-to-back heart attacks with near-fatal results. On the heels of a global pandemic, the clogging of a single canal is all it took. Like a health issue, these symptoms shouldn’t be ignored. Technology is the … Continued

Don’t Use AI To Write Articles

robot hand touching a human hand

A few sentences of copy were entered, and bam— an AI “writer” completed coherent paragraphs on a video call as my fellow founders and entepreneurs watched in amazement. We were all blown away. The tech is impressive, but should you … Continued

Stop Sharing Apple Podcast Links

illustration of a hand sharing digital media with virtual contacts

The most stupid thing you can do as a podcaster is sharing an Apple Podcast link as a way to attract engagement from your audience on social media. When you consider how to share a podcast the right way, sending … Continued

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