Don’t Be An “Idea Guy”

An "idea guy" pictured with a light bulb crown over his head

“I’m an idea guy,” someone told me at a business conference. I winced, scanning for the exit. Here’s the thing: Idea guys (and gals) don’t add value to any business. And the very notion great idea are any kind of … Continued

The Best Podcast For Startups

Pitch competition with text over photo that says "best podcast for startups"

Pulled in two different directions by customers and investors, entrepreneurs experience very unique challenges. That’s why I’ve tapped the best entrepreneurs, founders, and A-List business leaders to create what I believe is the best podcast for startups. My name is … Continued

Entrepreneurialism Is Not A Goal

man embarking on journey by himself

If you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, know this: Entrepreneurialism is not a goal. Last week, I was mentoring a few college seniors who are getting ready to enter the workforce. One wanted to be an entrepreneur, so she asked … Continued

Entrepreneurs Are Taking On Amazon (And Winning)

Amazon boxes at someones doorstep

How can retailers compete with Amazon? This was the topic during a conversation I had with former Governor of Colorado, and now Senator, John Hickenlooper just last year. “…Amazon has got a monopoly. If you want to sell widgets in … Continued

Entrepreneurship Sucks (Sometimes)

entrepreneur pitching an idea

There are thousands of new covid-preneuers right now according to the US Census Bureau. If that’s you, know this: Entrepreneurship sucks sometimes. Yes, it’s an incredible journey and can be insanely fulfilling, but someone needs to be honest with you. … Continued

Five irritating mistakes podcasters make.

podcast studio

Assuming the content is fresh and engaging, the reason why people don’t subscribe to podcasts is simple. The show is irritating. I’ve been podcasting since 2017, I did live radio for three years, and I’ve had some great success at … Continued

How to write the perfect pitch email

laptop screen showing an email

Creating the perfect pitch email to achieve press or to publish a piece you wrote, isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Even seasoned PR pros blast thousands of journalists using popular tools like MuckRack or Meltwater but hear me out: this is … Continued

Beware of Backlink Photo Credit Scammers

visual representation of hyperlinking

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from someone claiming I had used a photo without proper attribution! Going by the name Gavin Whitner, representing Music Oomph /, he said Id’ be off the hook if I did … Continued

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