How to do PR without a budget

Pencil with illustrated wings and flames resembling a rocket.

What’s the biggest mistake I see when people are ready to get their message out, get big press wins, and ramp up their web traffic? They start WAY too late. Even if you don’t have the cash, I’ll explain how … Continued

Former employees are a PR edge

man leaving the office with a box of his belongings

I’m disgusted… and this quote sums it up: “When you’re in, you’re a guest, when you’re out you’re a pest.” This quote is from fictional special forces soldier Mack Gerhardt (Max Martini) on The Unit. If you’ve ever left a … Continued

Are blogs dead? Yes, and they’re not coming back.

blogger typing at a keyboard

For those growing a business or building influence are blogs dead? Absolutely. Blogs are for personal opinions, rants, journaling, and emotional tirades. While it’s true that crap will continue to exist for decades, readership will continue to decline and die. … Continued

Is LinkedIn removing links from your posts? Do this.

LinkedIn logo with people on their devices

It’s not your imagination and it’s not a bug—LinkedIn is removing hyperlinks from your comments. The change came to mobile in early March and is rolling out to desktop soon. Yes, LinkedIn removing links from your comments is annoying, but … Continued

Your company is on a billboard? Do this now.

Nasdaq billboard in New York City Times Square

A founder approached me this week telling me of his good fortune: his company will soon by on the Nasdaq billboard in downtown New York City! “What should I do?” the founder asked. “Know what happens when people Google your … Continued

Will your content strategy help your competition?

chess pieces

Increasing your web traffic ultimately comes down to great content. Generally, the more great content you post, the more traffic will result. But one concern you may have is how to avoid helping competitors in content strategy you develop with … Continued

How to prepare for a podcast interview

woman reading on a laptop screen in dimly lit room

A great interview on a podcast is nothing like a natural conversation. It should sound natural to listeners, but that only happens with proper preparation, fresh perspective, well-structured notes, and landing questions. Here are 4 core components that will teach … Continued

How to get a famous guest on your podcast

Have you ever wondered how to get a famous guest on your podcast? It’s challenging enough to convince the average person it’s worth their time, but setting your sights on A-list names can be a big challenge. The more famous, … Continued

Public relations vs marketing: what’s the difference?

advertising examples

The lines between advertising and public relations are often blurred, and while they do have some crossover they also have distinct characteristics. Both have tactical and strategic differences with varying timelines as well. As a PR guy myself, here’s how … Continued

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