How much does PR cost for emerging tech?

Illustration of various PR symbolism with text that reads "how much does PR cost?"

How much does PR cost? It’s the question you really want to know, and the question PR companies don’t want to answer. As a PR / Comms guy for emerging tech, here’s the answer: PR is going to cost you … Continued

How can I leverage my press opportunity?

camera pointing at TV studio potential press opportunity

Congratulations. You got an interview in that paper, or that TV show you were targeting. Your mom is impressed, and it can be great for your brand, but don’t waste the full potential. To squeeze all the value from your … Continued

Heavy AI & Automation regulation will hurt Economy

Warehouse racks that stretch for hundreds of feet

The global supply chain suffered back-to-back heart attacks with near-fatal results. On the heels of a global pandemic, the clogging of a single canal is all it took. Like a health issue, these symptoms shouldn’t be ignored. Technology is the … Continued

Don’t Use AI To Write Articles

robot hand touching a human hand

Enter just a few sentences of copy, and bam an AI writer created paragraphs of copy. My fellow founders and entrepreneurs on a call were blown away. Should you use AI to write articles? If you want to connect to … Continued

Stop Sharing Apple Podcast Links

illustration of a hand sharing digital media with virtual contacts

The most stupid thing you can do as a podcaster is sharing an Apple Podcast link as a way to attract engagement from your audience on social media. When you consider how to share a podcast the right way, sending … Continued

Cons of writing for Medium

Hands typing on a keyboard, with social engagement icons.

Medium can be a great tool to write down your thoughts, especially if you don’t have a platform of your own. But if you do have a platform of your own, it’s not a good choice. The cons of writing … Continued

Clubhouse is an SEO Goldmine

Clubhouse app on iPhone with headphones

The most intimidating aspect of content marketing isn’t just knowing how to come up with new story ideas but how to create value for your audience. I’ve stated numerous times the notebook method is the best way to get this … Continued

Should Your Brand Take A Stance On Social Issues?

Someone holding a stop asian hate sign

Should brands engage on social issues like #StopAsianHate or BLM? This was the question I overheard on the new social media app Clubhouse today. The advice I heard was good, from various PR people, encouraging participation, but be careful. One … Continued

Does LinkedIn promote hatred? No. It’s just you.

Two phones depict angry and sad emotions on their screens

“LinkedIn is full of bigots and ignorance just like all other social platforms.” was the sentence I saw when I opened Twitter. Curious, I asked where this individual was seeing this content because I rarely (if ever) see it myself. … Continued

Is Podcasting Dying? Haha. No.

Podcasting or Radio Studio

“I just don’t think it has much of a future” I was told by a colleague about the future of podcasting. As a podcaster myself, I immediately wondered if they knew something I didn’t. They didn’t exactly have data, but … Continued

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