How to promote via social media comments

Should I plug my business or service on social media replies / comments? Ok, it’s not actually a question I get that often, BUT I see people doing it quite often. Sadly, it looks kinda… dirty. But there are a … Continued

How to increase your email reply rate of pitches

Comic strip of a guy pointing to himself, then pointing away.

How can you increase the reply rate of your journalist pitches or general communication? Simply change “ME” and “I” language to “YOU” and “YOUR.” This changes your language from “low focus language” to “high focus language” as explained by Joe Thomas … Continued

What to prioritize on a low PR budget.

Comic illustration of a person listening to another person, taking notes, and having an idea.

What should you prioritize on a low PR budget? Focus on podcasts, trade journals and media your target audience utilizes. Large publications like The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times are super sexy BUT the added difficulty of … Continued

How do people gain credibility so fast?

An award sits on a table in a dark room.

No one just “goes viral” on social media. No new small business has an early explosion of customers. And no one gains credibility overnight. Behind every meteoric rise is a person who found help through message amplification—many have no idea. … Continued

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