The Best Podcast For Startups

Pulled in two different directions by customers and investors, entrepreneurs experience very unique challenges. That’s why I’ve tapped the best entrepreneurs, founders, and A-List business leaders to create what I believe is the best podcast for startups.

My name is Justin Brady, and I host The Justin Brady Show. Every week, I amplify the best ideas, companies, entrepreneurs and people on earth. This is truly the best podcast for entrepreneurs, startups, and people who hate BS advice from fake founders.

A-List Startup Podcast Guests

The guests on The Justin Brady Show aren’t people with dreams, they’re founders of 5 Billion Dollar companies, adored brands, and highly respected disruptors. Here are just a few examples and why this podcast is the best podcast for startups.

Howard Schultz, Founder of Starbucks

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks
Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz is the founder of Starbucks, the third-largest quick-serve restaurant brand in the world. He recounted his rags to riches story, and how he fought for his employee’s benefits, despite board and shareholder pressure.

Howard Schultz Interview »

Paul Allen, Founder of

Paul Allen of Ancestry and Soar
Paul Allen

Paul Allen is the founder of, which recently sold to Blackrock for nearly 5 billion dollars. If there’s any person who deserves to be on the best podcast for startups, this is your guy. He explains how he used public data, and overcame investor doubts to kick-off the 12 billion-dollar global geneology trend.

Paul Allen Interview »

Amanda Goetz, Founder of House of Wise

Amanda Goetz, founder of House of Wise
Amanda Goetz

House of Wise doesn’t have a one billion dollar valuation (yet), but this CBD-startup founder, Amanda Goetz, does a great job communicating the specifics of an early-stage scrappy startup. She explains how to enter a market you know nothing about, find investors, and launch while transitioning out of a full-time career.

Amanda Goetz Interview »

Sam Parr, Founder of The Hustle

Sam Parr, CEO The Hustle and Trends
Sam Parr

When everyone was playing the advertising game, Sam Parr of The Hustle was building a 2 million+ subscriber email list that covers startup land and fascinating topics. The writing is fun and playful, and their reader engagement is unbelievable, getting over 10 million monthly impressions. Startups know if The Hustle writes about them, their traffic will likely spike. That’s why this is the best podcast for startups.

Sam Parr Interview »

Kurt Workman, Founder of Owlett

Kurt Workman founder of Owlet
Kurt Workman

Kurt Workman is the founder of Owlett, a wearable startup focused on infant health. The company was the first of its kind to focus on the infant wearable market. Owlett had an estimated $20 million in revenue in 2016, and $25 million in 2017. Workman explains the challenges in product design for a market that gives you no feedback and provides a major usability challenge. Babies.

Kurt Workman Interview »

Courtney Reum, Founder of M13

Courtney Reum of M13
Courtney Reum

Not only is Courtney Reum the successful co-founder of M13, he was also labeled one of Goldman Sachs’ Builders Innovators, launching Under Armour and Vitamin Water. He also founded his own startup called Veeve, an organic alcohol company, which sold to Luxco in 2016. Today, M13 works with iconic brands like Pinterest, Ring, Lyft and others.

Courtney Reum Interview »

Nate Quigley, Founder of ChatBooks

Nate Quigley, CEO of Chat Books and Vanessa Quigley Co-Founder
Nate and Vanessa Quigley

Nate Quigley co-founded Chatbooks. This service cleverly merges the ease of digital smartphone photos with the aesthetic experience of printed paper photobooks. Users create their own photo book subscription, mailed to their door every month. No editing, no photoshop, and no layout work makes him the perfect guest for the best podcast for startups.

Nate Quigley Interview »

Ryan Smith, Founder of Qualtrics

Ryan Smith, CEO of Qualtrics
Ryan Smith

He was named to Fortune’s 2016 40 Under 40, a list of the most powerful, influential, and successful young people in business. He was listed as one of Forbes’ “America’s Most Promising CEOs Under 35” in 2013, and Qualtrics-at the time of the interview-was valued at over 2.5 billion dollars.

Ryan Smith Interview »

Matanya Horowitz, Founder of AMP Robotics

Matanya Horowitz, CEO of AMP Robotics
Matanya Horowitz

As recyclables are tossed into landfills and recycling companies are on the verge of dying, the CEO of AMP Robotics, Matanya Horowitz, has invented a robot that sorts faster and more accurately than humans. Closing down over $50 million in series B, this company is well on its way to change the world.

Matanya Horowitz Interview »

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