Justin Brady cultivates & amplifies emerging tech client's stories, reaching millions. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post among others, and his podcast is in the top %1 of iHeart Radio's entire 250k catalog. He has interviewed the world's best communicators and world-changers like Howard Schultz, Andrew Yang, Blake Irving, Dan Pink, and more than 100 other A-list leaders.

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How to prepare for a podcast interview

woman reading on a laptop screen in dimly lit room

A proper podcast interview is nothing like a natural conversation. It should certainly sound natural to listeners, but to a trained host, a perfect interview requires preparation for you and the guest, unique perspective, well-structured notes, and landing your questions. … Continued

How to get a famous guest on your podcast

Ever wondered how to get a famous guest on your podcast? It’s challenging enough to convince the average person it’s worth their time to come on your show, but when you set your sights on folks with a big reach, … Continued

Public relations vs marketing: what’s the difference?

advertising examples

The lines between advertising and public relations are often blurred, and while they do have some crossover they also have distinct characteristics. Both have tactical and strategic differences with varying timelines as well. As a PR guy myself, here’s how … Continued

Starting a podcast: the complete guide

a microphone against a smoky red and blue background

If you want to know how to start a company podcast, you’re in the right place. My podcast is the single best way I attract customers. A few past guests have even worked on projects and have become customers. I’ve … Continued

Why don’t journalists respond to me?

One person standing alone in a vast space

I know the frustration of pitching stories to journalists only to never hear a peep. Rejection is hard, but hearing nothing is far worse because you aren’t given the opportunity to improve or clarify. Lucky for you, I have received … Continued

Comparing leaders to an impossible standard.

Man looking across cliff to mountain top

“Why am I so frustrated my boss or client?” you may be asking. It might be all your fault. Many moons ago I asked myself why I was constantly frustrated with clients. Was the bar for leadership really low, or … Continued

Your startup baby isn’t cute

dirty, broken doll on black background

Every founder is like a new parent. After months of anticipation, friends and family react as you expect: excitement and celebration. But when it’s time to introduce your creation to the world, you learn the sad truth—no one cares. Journalists … Continued

There is no alternative to content marketing going forward.

Hands typing on a laptop. Illustrations surround photo.

A marketing shift is upon us, possibly stemming from the great 2020/21 disruption. Seasoned marketing professionals like John Jantsch and Troy Dunn have drawn the same conclusions: creating educational and interesting content in the form of articles, videos, and podcasts … Continued

Don’t let executives sabotage your publicity

Close up of two hands passing a baton in a race

It’s a bit surprising, but executives at your company can unwittingly sabotage your publicity and communication strategy. Obviously, this can have detrimental effects, but if you work ahead and prepare you’ll be well prepared to amplify your company to the … Continued

What happens when your startup fails?

Illustration of a failed entrepreneur face down on his keyboard

You’ve heard it before: 20% of businesses fail in their first year, 30% in their second, and 50% are gone after five. My first startup failed, so trust me when I say this: it hurts like you can’t imagine. But … Continued

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