Justin Brady cultivates & amplifies emerging tech client's stories, reaching millions. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post among others, and his podcast is in the top %1 of iHeart Radio's entire 250k catalog. He has interviewed the world's best communicators and world-changers like Howard Schultz, Andrew Yang, Blake Irving, Dan Pink, and more than 100 other A-list leaders.

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What To Do Before A Media Interview

A rusted immobilized vehicle alone in the desert beside a dusty road.

A startup CEO was telling me a tragic story. His PR firm had scored him an incredible earned media opportunity but hadn’t solidified his messaging, mission, vision, or even brand optics first. The result was a fascinating interview for the … Continued

How to host live shows and interview guests

Justin Brady, Anchor of Drucker Forum TV, stands in studio.

Interviewing a guest for a podcast, radio, or a livestream is difficult. While it does take experience to get right, there are a few strategies that are helpful to know. If you’re seeking a better understanding of how to host … Continued

Great salespeople are great content marketers

A group of salespeople collaborating in a room with a white board.

Quality inbound leads come from great educational and informative articles, videos, and podcasts. And one way to harvest great content of this nature is from salespeople. No, seriously. I’ve seen great content strategy success from this very straightforward process. I … Continued

Advice for being a startup founder

People working in a startup atmosphere

Being a startup founder is intense. Whether bootstrapping or knee-deep in a fundraising round, founders know their ability to absorb information is critical. If this is you, however, please be careful accepting advice. Some see advice-giving, not as an opportunity … Continued

How to get news coverage

Person giving money for a purchased item

It’s confusing trying to get news coverage for your brand, your event or your organization. As a PR person for big national tech brands, I get it. Let me give you one simple tool that will forever change how you … Continued

How to get more impressions on LinkedIn

A business man scrolling on his phone

As people pump their brands, LinkedIn has been flooded with low-value advice. To cut through the noise and get more impressions on LinkedIn, here’s one thing you can do right now: summarize your post in the first few sentences. See? … Continued

Get more email responses in 30 seconds

Man pointing at the viewer of the photo (you)

You can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your communication in 30 seconds to get more email responses. When writing your email next time, remove as many “I” references as possible and focus on “you.” It sounds subtle, maybe even useless, … Continued

Why employees resist returning to the office

empty parking lot with a single car in it

As a leader, have you tried to get workers back in the office? Did they resist? Yes, it can be a huge boost to your productivity, but if you do it the wrong way, you’ll achieve the opposite. The biggest … Continued

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