Justin Brady cultivates & amplifies emerging tech client's stories, reaching millions. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post among others, and his podcast is in the top %1 of iHeart Radio's entire 250k catalog. He has interviewed the world's best communicators and world-changers like Howard Schultz, Andrew Yang, Blake Irving, Dan Pink, and more than 100 other A-list leaders.

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Marketing My Business Ideas

Saleswoman knocking on door

“How do I go about marketing my business ideas?” It’s a question I’m asked often when speaking on PR and amplifying ideas. The answer to this question is counterintuitive. Right now, you believe having a better idea is your advantage, … Continued

The best way to get listeners for your podcast.

Discussion with multiple people around a table

“Just post about it on social media.” people tell you. Lol. Podcasting content is great for growing a social media presence, but if you want to grow podcast listeners, it’s not effective. Understanding how to market your podcast the right … Continued

Prepare podcast guests like a pro

podcast guest pictured across from host

Preparing a podcast guest for their interview is vital. You can have a confident host, a unique topic, the best production, and pricey microphones, but still create a crappy show if your guest isn’t prepared. As a pro podcaster with … Continued

Pay-for-play PR. Is it a thing?

man reading paper on a bus with dollars signs in the air

Every founder and CMO wants pay-for-play PR. The idea is alluring— a PR agency would get paid strictly on every win they deliver. But the value of pay-for-play PR is fools gold, and I’ll explain why you, as a founder, … Continued

How long does PR take?

person ready to run

I get this question a lot: how long does PR take? How long does it take to have success when pitching a story? Generally around 6 months, sometimes a few weeks, but sometimes YEARS. Unfortunately, many view PR as a … Continued

How to do PR without a budget

Pencil with illustrated wings and flames resembling a rocket.

What’s the biggest mistake I see when people are ready to get their message out, get big press wins, and ramp up their web traffic? They start WAY too late. Even if you don’t have the cash, I’ll explain how … Continued

Former employees are a PR edge

man leaving the office with a box of his belongings

I’m disgusted… and this quote sums it up: “When you’re in, you’re a guest, when you’re out you’re a pest.” This quote is from fictional special forces soldier Mack Gerhardt (Max Martini) on The Unit. If you’ve ever left a … Continued

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