Justin Brady cultivates & amplifies emerging tech client's stories, reaching millions. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post among others, and his podcast is in the top %1 of iHeart Radio's entire 250k catalog. He has interviewed the world's best communicators and world-changers like Howard Schultz, Andrew Yang, Blake Irving, Dan Pink, and more than 100 other A-list leaders.

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Best Startup Press Ideas for 2021

startup office with employees working

As a CEO or CMO, what would it mean for your company to get a good write-up in a national magazine or newspaper? As an emerging tech PR and Comms snob, here are the five best startup press ideas for … Continued

Why doesn’t Clubhouse…

Clubhouse screen shot with clubhouse emoji

Why doesn’t Clubhouse _______? Thanks to past guest, and super-genius Soulaima Gourani, CEO of Happioh I finally got an invite, and after using the platform for nearly a week, I have plenty of questions. First of all, I love the … Continued

Is Vroom Legit?

Vroom phone screen. Shutterstock

It’s the question I wanted to know before I bought from them, and if you’re looking to purchase a car, the question you want an answer: Is Vroom legit? While it’s true they are an actual company that trades on … Continued

Don’t Be An “Idea Guy”

An "idea guy" pictured with a light bulb crown over his head

“I’m an idea guy,” someone told me at a business conference. I winced, scanning for the exit. Here’s the thing: Idea guys (and gals) don’t add value to any business. And the very notion great idea are any kind of … Continued

The Best Podcast For Startups

pitch contest

Pulled in two different directions by customers and investors, entrepreneurs experience very unique challenges. That’s why I’ve tapped the best entrepreneurs, founders, and A-List business leaders to create what I believe is the best podcast for startups. My name is … Continued

Entrepreneurialism Is Not A Goal

man embarking on journey by himself

If you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, know this: Entrepreneurialism is not a goal. Last week, I was mentoring a few college seniors who are getting ready to enter the workforce. One wanted to be an entrepreneur, so she asked … Continued

Entrepreneurs Are Taking On Amazon (And Winning)

Amazon boxes at someones doorstep

How can retailers compete with Amazon? This was the topic during a conversation I had with former Governor of Colorado, and now Senator, John Hickenlooper just last year. “…Amazon has got a monopoly. If you want to sell widgets in … Continued

The Best Podcast Picks for 2021

The best podcasts of 2021 won’t just win on content, but also on quality production, entertainment, and unique value. Nothing drives me crazier than great podcasts that don’t get the recognition they deserve, so for those who’ve asked me what … Continued

Entrepreneurs Compare Their Success To A Fake Ideal

carrots being pulled out of dirt

Nearly 40% of entrepreneurs could be lying about how well their business is doing, their social media engagements, where their funding came from, or how their business found success. But are these white lies, intended to project confidence, hurting the … Continued

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