Are blogs dead? Yes, and they’re not coming back.

Are blogs dead for those growing a business or building influence? Absolutely. Blogs are for personal opinions, rants, journaling, and emotional tirades. While it’s true that crap will continue to exist for decades, readership will continue to decline and die. Don’t create a blog, instead focus on keeping your website updated with relevant resources that help the customers you seek to serve and utilize all media platforms to break through.

Why blogs are dead

The other day a brand-builder like me asked if she should start a blog and I immediately said no. For some reason, there’s an idea that everyone should have a blog to catalog their thoughts and ideas, but no one cares. Unless you’re a super hot celebrity, no one cares about your thoughts or ideas. They care about value you can give them NOW.

Value in the form of an answered question is what drove you to this webpage. You likely searched are blogs dead? Right?

You’re asking a great question. It shows you are thinking 10 steps ahead of everyone else who is simply writing a blog because they were told to do so. They didn’t ask the question you did.

Blogs are dead, but there’s a huge need for insights, resources, vidoes, podcasting, and data that can help your audience and positively impact your bottom line.

Publish insights or resources instead

You have knowledge and unique expertise no one else does. There is always a need for insight and resources from people in your unique experience. A student challenged me on this idea at a conference once, saying, “I’m just a student that works an hourly job. No one gives a crap!” It was a funny comment, but dead wrong. They were uniquely qualified to write about being a broke college student, student debt, and what companies could offer college students like her to recruit her.

I gave the same line to the leadership of a client. I told them to encourage their employees to write freelance pieces that were real and authentic. One ended up writing a piece about how to manage employees from her perspective. Her boss made her cry and she wrote about it! It was published in Fast Company.

You have insights and resources you are uniquely qualified to write. You probably don’t believe this because of the mirror effect. To put it simply, you believe everyone thinks similarly to you. Let me assure you, they don’t. I’d strongly encourage you to take the Strengths Finder assessment; it will scientifically prove you have a unique set of strengths few people in the world have.

Are Blogs Dead? Yes. Do This Instead

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Blogs are dead. Instead, build a single website that is constantly evolving, changing, and updating to the benefit of your desired audience. I’d also strongly urge you to consider a podcast. You can have an effective podcast with a very small audience. All that matters is that your core audience finds benefit. If you have only 100 listeners and 5 become buyers, that’s a good day.

What should you podcast or write about?

A local retailer can share data, explaining what their number 1 selling items each season are and why. A massage therapist can discuss the new research behind saunas and explain medical studies and research. A family psychologist can share advice on how to deal with anxiety or children. A restaurant owner can provide weekly do-it-yourself recipes for people who want to make food at home. A business coach can share strategies working for their clients right now. A dentist can share healthy habits and better foods to eat to keep teeth healthy. A financial coach can share methods to reduce debt. A cinematographer can share smartphone video and lighting tips to make your vlog 10x better. Even a pastor can share recorded sermon segments or insights on how to deal with the problems life keeps throwing at you.

Blogs are dead, but we all need better resources. Get publishing.

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