Apple pulling out of China means the 4th industrial revolution is here.

Apple is pulling manufacturing out of China. As AI makes its way into manufacturing, this will be more common with US companies eventually bringing manufacturing home. We’re about to see the 4th Industrial Revolution.

A.I. cuts overseas jobs, bringing more to the USA

Many AI alarmists believe technological advances will remove jobs, and while that’s partially true, they aren’t looking at the full picture. In reality, jobs lost will primarily be overseas. Domestically we will see a net positive.

Consider Apple. They added 100k workers in China through their Foxconn partner. Let’s say with AI, the same process can be run with just 10k workers. With that change, it makes more sense to bring all manufacturing home, especially with ongoing supply chain concerns. Apple would actually save money and add jobs domestically at the same time.

Also, consider climate concerns. As ESG continues to drive Fortune company decisions, leadership will look to bring production as close to consumers as possible. Making millions of phones overseas and shipping them to the USA is actually costly.

Consider this is already happening. Look at Tesla. Did you know all US cars are made here in the USA? That’s insane. Every other manufacturer ships those jobs and production to other countries.

Going forward, high-tech manufacturing jobs are coming home. Cities with cheap land and low-cost energy will be booming with industry. New jobs are about ready to explode, provided congress doesn’t make some crazy laws to prevent this.

Photo by Ian Taylor on Unsplash

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