Andrew Yang in studio to discuss UBI, VAT, AI & Automation

Andrew Yang with Justin Brady at WHO Radio
Andrew Yang in studio with Justin Brady

After months of waiting, more emails than I can count, and tons of email from my listeners. We got him. My in-studio interview with Andrew Yang, while in Iowa focused on UBI, VAT, AI and Automation.

Andrew Yang is one of the most fascinating people to run for the White House in my opinion. We dug deep into Universal Basic Income, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation, and the Value Added Tax (VAT) that Yang has said will pay for UBI. Although I don’t agree with Mr. Yang on many issues, I’m impressed by his character, integrity, love for people and love for our country. 

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Agree or disagree with him, he’s truly an inspirational person. 

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The Video That Made It Happen

When Mr. Yang was in Iowa a while back I let his team know I’d wait for them at the studio just in case their schedule opened up. They never confirmed anything, but I thought it would be funny to record a video and Tweet about it. It got thousands of views and prompted a lot of email to the Yang campaign.

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