Adam Sullivan Explains Bizarre CBD Laws In Iowa

Adam Sullivan, expert communicator and Columnist at The Gazette has been following CBD and Cannabis legalization in Iowa very closely. In light of recent legal crackdowns of the substance I asked him what changed?

I invited Sullivan on The Justin Brady Show to expand on his piece “Iowa is putting people in jail for the crime of non-toxic pain relief.” The piece comes after an Ankeny, Iowa woman, owner of Your CBD Store, was arrested for selling CBD cream and gummies from an agency whose existance “is designed to aggressively combat street level drug dealers and to disrupt and dismantle mid-level to upper-level drug trafficking” according to Polk County Sheriff’s website.

“Any part of marijuana, whether it’s oils or THC or a mixture of the plant itself, any of those is considered marijuana,” Polk County Sgt. Heath Osberg told KCCI news. “In the state of Iowa, marijuana is illegal.” But CBD, or cannabidiol, isn’t necessarily marijuanna and statements like his further confusion.

Stores all over central Iowa have been selling CBD products for years and Iowa residents have been buying those products for years. With the 2018 Farm Bill, legally authorizing hemp production in the United States, many assumed CBD went from technically illegal but rarely enforced to fully legal. But that’s wrong. In fact, as the country moves to legalize it, the state of Iowa seems to be cracking down more. Why?

Why Is Iowa Arresting CBD Sellers?

Adam Sullivan, The Gazette

Although we can’t know for sure (yet) Sullivan believes it may be due to increased use and top of mind status. He also explains there have been rumors that companies like MedPharm may be reporting illegal operators. It’s also possible big pharma in Iowa is silently working to take out their competition. It’s also possible the Governor’s office is putting pressure on authorities—Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds stunned the state when she vetoed a medical marijuana bill earlier this year. (I dug into her reasons here.)

Whatever the case, it’s truly bizarre to watch the country move to legalize marijuana which contains THC, as Iowa combats CBD that contains no toxins, no THC and hasn’t shown any negative effects on those who take it.

Interview With Adam Sullivan

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