Making your voice sound great for podcasting

Radio microphone next to sound board

“You have such a great radio voice” I was told often during my stint in live radio. Now that I’m exclusively podcasting, I hear “you have such a great voice for podcasting” but I’ll let you in on a little … Continued

How do you measure ROI on PR?

charts and graphs with person calculating numbers like a bossd

How do you measure ROI on PR? It’s not an impossible task. While it’s true PR is a long-term awareness game, there are several straightforward strategies that allow you to measure results, and collect lead information even through TV or … Continued

How to build a relationship with a journalist

desperate guy

Just the other day, I overheard someone explain to build a relationship with a journalist, is as simple as asking to meet over a glass of wine to offer assistance. As a freelancer myself, I’ve seen this attempted and I … Continued

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