How to create content for your brand

illustration showing laptop and office supplies. The copy says "how to create content for your brand."

The reason some websites, like this one, get a lot of organic web traffic and others don’t, is simple: I have made a consistent, quality, content commitment. Period. This is the single biggest SEO hack most marketers won’t do. For … Continued

Get media coverage for your startup

A group of people collaborating. A large lightbulb appears in the foreground.

The obvious benefit when getting media coverage for your startup is the rapid spread of your message to millions of potential customers at a low cost. But the alarming majority of founders screw up when reaching out because they never … Continued

How much does PR cost for emerging tech?

Illustration of various PR symbolism with text that reads "how much does PR cost?"

How much does PR cost? It’s the question you really want to know, and the question PR companies don’t want to answer. As a PR and Comms guy for emerging tech, here’s the answer: PR is going to cost you … Continued

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