Does LinkedIn promote hatred? No. It’s just you.

Two phones depict angry and sad emotions on their screens

“LinkedIn is full of bigots and ignorance just like all other social platforms.” was the sentence I saw when I opened Twitter. Curious, I asked where this individual was seeing this content because I rarely (if ever) see it myself. … Continued

Is Podcasting Dying? No. Absolutely not.

Podcasting or Radio Studio

“I just don’t think it has much of a future” I was told by a colleague about the future of podcasting. As a podcaster myself, I immediately wondered if they knew something I didn’t. They didn’t exactly have data, but … Continued

Best Startup Press Ideas for 2021

startup office with employees working

As a founder, CEO or CMO, what would it mean for your company to get a good write-up in a national magazine or newspaper? As an emerging tech PR and Comms snob and writer for some badass publications, I know … Continued

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