Is Vroom Legit?

Vroom phone screen. Shutterstock

UPDATE: After posting this article “Is Vroom Legit,” Vroom’s Better Business Bureau certification received a “revoked” status and the BBB has given them an F rating. It’s the question I wanted to know before I bought from them, and if … Continued

Don’t Be An “Idea Guy”

An "idea guy" pictured with a light bulb crown over his head

“I’m an idea guy,” someone told me at a business conference. I winced, scanning for the exit. If you’ve ever said that (or believe it) you need to know you aren’t offering anyone value. Here’s the thing: Idea guys (and … Continued

The Best Podcast For Startups

Pitch competition with text over photo that says "best podcast for startups"

Pulled in two different directions by customers and investors, entrepreneurs experience very unique challenges. That’s why I’ve tapped the best entrepreneurs, founders, and A-List business leaders to create what I believe is the best podcast for startups. My name is … Continued

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