Beware of Backlink Photo Credit Scammers

visual representation of hyperlinking

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from someone claiming I had used a photo without proper attribution! Going by the name Gavin Whitner, representing Music Oomph /, he said Id’ be off the hook if I did … Continued

The Best Content Strategy Requires a Pen & Paper

A notebook sitting on a desk next to search bar that says "emerging tech SEO"

I do emerging tech PR and communications and because I’m skilled at it, I get a fair amount of requests to discuss my process with new clients. The best content strategy method I utilize for my emerging tech SEO efforts … Continued

How To Keep Remote Workers Engaged

Illustration shows workers and text heading says "how to keep remote workers engaged"

Face to face interaction is the collaboration gold standard, which is why leaders are struggling in this new remote work era. They want concrete advice on how to keep remote workers engaged, not platitudes, and theory. How do we compensate … Continued

Pictionary Founder On Remote Work: We’re Doomed

illustration of two people struggling with a video conference call

“If the entire culture moves to remote, we’re doomed!” explained Robert Angel, creator of Pictionary when I asked him about remote work. Angel made his living off a tactile collaborative experience, and I believe his success holds a significant clue … Continued

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