Why Your Startup Community Sucks

Pink panther plush toy positioned next to empty beer bottles

I remember when the startup community literally came to my home town of Des Moines. It was chock full of phony events, phony people, and phony startups. Only after speaking with Brad Feld of Foundry Group do I have a … Continued

The Value of Narrowing What You Do

guy with red sneakers resting on hammock

This year was the first vacation in memory where people I’ve never met were requesting emerging tech PR communications with zero sales effort on my part. My sales engine was working even when I wasn’t. What did I change? Maybe … Continued

Two questions to kill a stupid idea.

wadded up paper balls in trash

You’ve heard the phrase “there are no stupid ideas” and while I believe in the overall message, let’s face it: not all ideas are created equal. But how do you tell an employee no without angering team members or worse, … Continued

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