Jargon-Filled, BS Writing Repels People

guy holding playdough mask in front of his face

People know if you’re fake. They feel it in their gut, based on thousands of small clues you drop without consciously knowing it. The same is true of your writing. So, how do you stay out of the fake filter? … Continued

What’s Wrong With My Email List?


Some companies have huge email lists, but you don’t. Doesn’t that drive you crazy? Hey, me too! I’m not ashamed to say my email list is one thing I’ve neglected over the years. So, how do we change that? We … Continued

The Corruption of Podcast Subscriber Data

guy holding pen looking at data

If you’re a podcaster, advertiser, or curious listener, you may want to find out how many subscribers a podcast has. It sounds like such a simple question, right? Sadly, subscriber data is full of data-ignorance, white lies, deception, and even … Continued

Are Smaller Networks The Future Of Social Influence?

Two ladies taking a selfie

A sky-high Twitter follower count, masses of Instagram oglers, and loads of Facebook likes may soon be nothing more than vanity metrics, if not already. The golden era for social media influencers is over, as pro marketers look to tighter … Continued

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