Does Covid-19 Provide A Hidden Opportunity?

man and woman business owners

When it comes to a successful business mindset, Covid-19 can very well provide new opportunities. Two food companies battle during the Great Depression sheds light on just what kind of opportunity a crisis can give your company. One company cut … Continued

Why Podcast Listens Are Down During Covid-19

woman frustrated with podcast

When local governments and companies put restrictions in place, asking employees to work from home I, like many other podcasters, thought my listener numbers would spike. Instead, I saw a massive dip in downloads. If you’re in the same boat, … Continued

Pernell Cezar, Founder of Blk & Bold

Blk & Bold Coffee

The company is less than 2 years old, and co-founder Pernell Cezar has already achieved national distribution in Target for his company, Blk & Bold Speciality Beverages. I invited him into the studio for a 30-minute conversation, so make sure … Continued

LinkedIn Content Thieves Are Sabotaging Themselves

LinkedIn web page

Great web content attracts people to your company, but not everyone wants to put in the work. So what’s the next best thing? Steal it. That’s right—behavior historically assigned to anonymous internet trolls is now spilling into LinkedIn—a business platform … Continued

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