with Justin Brady

Episode 27 - Tomas DeLuna

Tomas DeLuna. Household name & Senior Designer at Harman. December 7th. 2016

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It's not every day you meet a literal household name. If you aren't familiar with Tomas DeLuna, look around your house, you might have one of the wildly popular GE Artistry Series appliances in your house, condo or apartment right now.


Today he is Senior Industrial Designer in Litehouse, Harman’s Design Consultancy in Metro Detroit, Michigan. He goes over the simple way innovation can be encouraged and how not every crazy idea is an innovative idea, but every single innovative idea started out as a crazy idea.


And he's not done yet, he gives us an idea of his secret project at Harman.


  • Visit Tomas' LinkedIn page here.
  • Visit LiteHouse here.
  • Check out what Harman is up to here.
  • To see Tomas' GE Artistry series design. Scroll down...