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Episode 52 - Tim Bennett & John Nash

Hosts of "The Focus Group"

Tim Bennett & John Nash

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How do you know when to quit? When to move on? How to tell if your job is no longer a fit? I am joined my workplace experts, veteran advertising execs, and well-respected niche marketers, Tim Bennett and John Nash are co-hosts of The Focus Group, a weekly live broadcast that’s an entertaining look at the world of business.


Tim Bennett is a well-respected marketing leader, having spent the last 20 years as the Director of Marketing for Fortune 500 corporations, most recently Subaru of America. John Nash is the idea man of the duo, having gone the creative route as a successful creative director and agency owner.


They have hosted power players in business, entertainment, fashion, and leadership, including fashion icon Tim Gunn, branding expert Dorie Clark, internet pioneer Jay Samit, and Pulitzer Prize winning Charles Duhigg and now they join me for some serious career advice.


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Tim Bennett & John Nash
Tim Bennett & John Nash