with Justin Brady

Episode 56 - Stormy Simon

Former President of turned Cannabis Advocate

Story Simon

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Stormy began as a temp without a college degree and grew to become the President of When she joined in 2001, revenue was less than $20M and the company had under 100 employees and it became a top 25 e-tailer by traffic and grew to nearly $2B in revenue.


In July 2016, Stormy stepped down as president of to pursue a career in the burgeoning cannabis industry. Her team helps conduct workshops on how to get a grassroots movement going and how to build a business out of nothing – they are dedicated to education and awareness.


Today, she has been voted Cannabis woman of the year and continues to open doors for entrepreneurs in the industry. We talk about the big transition, and the gold rush that is, the legal Cannabis market.


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Story Simon
Story Simon