with Justin Brady

Episode 16 - Shawn Lee

Recording Artist and Radio Host  September 21st. 2016

Shawn Lee

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Shawn Lee is one of the most prolific musicians of our generation. He has released 34 albums and has played, produced and written on hundreds of records with artists including Jeff Buckley, Kelis, Money Mark, Amy Winehouse and others. You likely have heard his music in both film & TV on The Monuments Men, Oceans 13, Eastbound & Down, Ugly Betty, Nip Tuck, Confessions of a Shopaholic and many others.


He digs into what really holds back creative thought and why it's so darn hard for us to figure out. True creative leaders know how to focus, create, adapt and prevent failure from defining you. He also goes into detail about how emotional and depressing failure can be.


Shawn Lee
Shawn Lee